I have never done yoga…will I be able to take a class?

Yes, I offer a class accessible to all levels. I will demonstrate many modifications so that each student can practice “where they are.”

Is Island Flow Yoga co-ed?

Everyone is welcome, male or female, and we often have a friendly mix of both.

I don’t have a mat with me, does Island Flow Yoga have mats?

I always have extra mats with me for you to borrow! No worries.

Do I need to sign up in advance for a class?

You are welcome to just drop in. Try to come a few minutes early so I can meet you and learn a little bit about you. You can check my Facebook page to be sure there aren’t any schedule changes. Feel free to call or text me in advance as well! (516) 458-8622

What forms of payment are acceptable?

At the moment you may pay by cash or check.

What happens in the case of rain or stormy weather?

Class rarely gets cancelled due to weather. If the conditions are iffy, we will practice under the shelter of the bay-front gazebo at Casa Morada Resort. It’s cozy and wonderful. If you are uncertain, call or send me a text. (516) 458-8622

What are the benefits of yoga?

The goal of yoga is to create a physical effect, an emotional effect, and a spiritual effect. Yoga improves posture, lowers stress, elevates our mood, and improves digestion and circulation while toning the muscles and keeping joints fluid. I often say it is the fountain of youth, as it is anti-aging and an excellent way to bring you to (and help maintain) your ideal weight. It allows you to feel more grace in your everyday life, become more present in each moment, and see the beauty that surrounds you everywhere.  Our practice allows us to un-peel our layers, becoming closer to our truth and comfortable in our skin. It invites us to let go, to surrender to what is and know that we are limitless. When you connect your movement through the postures to your mindful breath you are able to navigate through the landscapes of your body and mind and create a deeper intimacy with yourself.

How long will it take to notice changes?

Yoga is a process, not an “event”. It is a journey with no destination, no arrival. Those new to yoga will experience some of the many benefits right away, while others will unfold as you dedicate yourself to your practice over time. Many people come to yoga strictly for the physical benefit and then experience the “side-effects” as an unexpected bonus. Others are drawn to it as a tool to heal. Whatever your reason, whatever your goal, come as you are, and begin.